Eguilles…’une belle région d’aix en provence’


Today we’re going to my friend’s house in Eguilles, Aix en Provence to do the homework of Prof Chandon, one of our lecturer of Data Analysis in IAE, site Puyricard. We looked around, and there are so many ‘big and beautiful’ houses or appartment on our way there. Kinda like a good neighbourhood with a little more modern architecture. And Mohua, our friend, cooked us this chinese meal, so delicious, and in ‘small portion’, so I believe one two person still hungry :)…anyway, we ended up finishing the case 4 for the next meeting in the class, but we promise to meet together again in another’s house, maybe in Phan Anh appartment, one of our friend also in the group. The good thing about our group is, we’re like this ‘omnivora’, so we can taste different cuisine, from different countries, and different cultures….it’s good to have a friend who likes to share…


By ferryjaolis

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