How Do I Get To France // Step 2

Step 2 // Registering to DDIP

The next process would be to register with DDIP, known as ‘Double Degree Indonesia-Prancis’. This program gives out scholarship for master  and doctoral study with one year in Indonesia (for chosen universities, in my case is in Unair, Surabaya, as one of them) and another year in France. This scheme thus probably arranged with the cooperation for 50:50 shared amounts of the scholarship, which is between The Ministry of High Education of Indonesia (DIKTI) and the Government of France (the scholarship foundation former known as BGF — Bourses du Gouvernement Francais). The first year of study is in Indonesia (called M1), and the second in France (the M2). The registering process is held at Unair along with the Master study formal registration.

Mr. Lilik is the chief of the DDIP Unair program and he explained all things accordingly. Few gatherings held there to get to know it better. At that time, Unair was on its’ first time to held such program so naturally we are the first class there is of DDIP program. There were 8 of us from 15 slots offered. Probably within the next two or three weeks, we attend the first formal DDIP gathering along with other DIKTI’s scholarship awardee at Jakarta. Coming home to Surabaya, we had to face an approximately 1 year language preparation (french) and a minimum of 3.00 GPA of the first semester in Unair, no exceptions.

You guys can read the requirements, schemes, and other practical information here. The DDIP program presentation also in here.

By ferryjaolis

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