How Do I Get To France // Step 1

Today I’m going to share my experiences in pursuing my Master Degree. As usual, I worked as a Marketing lecturer in my undergraduate university (I don’t know whether I am able to mention brands here on blog, so I’ll just refer it to PCU from now on). At PCU, lecturers who hold only undergraduate academic titles should be taking master study soon, following the urgency of the Ministry of High Education (called DIKTI in Indonesia).  And so the journey began…

Step 1 // Applying to MSM UNAIR

I was told by my Head of Program that my application to pursue Master degree was approved, dated approximately somewhere in May or June 2011 ago. I couldn’t be happier, that small talks made my day. I rushed to my desk to clarify my options, see if I can apply for the next closest intake in September 2011. There were two options at the moment, I gotta choose between UI or Unair.  Then I found out that UI has closed for the intake, left me only the Unair option. The next week, I talked to my Dean and Vice Dean about those two options and got supported to go to UI. I really wish to study at a more practical/applied master study rather than a scientific one. We ended up with me choosing the scientific study at Unair, called Master Science Management (MSM). I gotta be honest that this is not my first option at the time. I wish I could go to either UI or the Applied Management (called Magister Management) of Unair. Well, considering my background as a lecturer, I have to take the MSM at Unair.

I applied there, finish all the tests and requirements, and ready for the study. I remembered one thing vividly about studying there. I was offered the Double Degree Program of Indonesia-France (DDIP) by the administrative staff there; her name was Riska (thanks to you Mbak Riska, if you read this). For the next few days I still considered this offer as a heavy challenge to finish my master study. Now that I am here in France, I understand completely that this was a miracle. God has a plan when He put me to study at MSM Unair. I remembered clearly that this is my last option if any others failed me, and God was there, made this unbelievably less-considered option a miracle to me.